Benefits of Boosting Testosterone Levels Naturally With an Herbal Extract

Tongkat Ali extract is increasingly included in supplements intended to help men boost their testosterone levels naturally. The herb has been well-known throughout Asia for a long time, but has only recently become a plant of interest in North America. In Asia, it has traditionally been consumed by men when they start experiencing a decline in their libido and sexual performance during middle age.

Potential Benefits

Now, high-quality supplements containing this herb are available globally. Men may want to begin taking a product with this herbal extract if they would like to improve their sex drive, feel more energetic and increase the rate at which they build lean muscle in a regular workout program.

Relevant Research

Research supports the use of the herb, botanically known as Eurycoma longifolia, for these purposes. One study included dozens of men with low testosterone levels. After they began supplementing with a product containing Tongkat Ali, their testosterone levels increased dramatically. Another study found significant improvements in sexual performance for men consuming this herb.


A medical purpose for the herb is for building skeletal bone in men dealing with male osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is substantially more common in women after menopause, when their depleted estrogen levels make it more difficult for the body to replenish the population of bone cells that are continually being used. Men with the condition may be receiving prescription testosterone replacement therapy from a physician. Supplementing with the herb may strengthen the effect and allow them to reduce the dosage of replacement therapy.

No Side Effects

Some men try other products for improvements related to sex and muscle building, but some of those are associated with unpleasant side effects. That is not the case with Eurycoma longifolia at recommended dosages. In addition, this herb seems to be a mood enhancer, which is a welcome effect. In contrast, men who take anabolic steroids regularly may begin experiencing more frequent reactions of irritability and anger.


It may be tempting to buy products that have numerous herbal ingredients, but then it can be impossible to know which components are most effective. Using a Eurycoma longifolia product without other herbal ingredients is recommended.